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Fish Net is experienced and has developed a strong network with the meat industry around the country.
Our services have broadened over time from live chicken & fish to complete frozen & marinated meat, allowing customers ease and comfort. we are committed to total transparency about our products. Our story began in 1999 in Tollinton market Lahore. Today we are privileged to connect with a thousand of customers everyday with exceptional products in many stores. Hygienic and Healthy Easy to Cook Farm Fresh Meats Halal Certified

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
Our team believed By communicating at fishnet We will work better and do a lot of productive work. Fishnet can put employees in groups and make sure that they all work together, communicate well, solve problems and create new ideas and learn new skills off each other. Teamwork gives you better results for both the company and the customer. Workers at Fishnet can be able to achieve their goals and also have a good relationship with other workers in the business. We work together as one team, always. No matter how busy we are, we make sure we get together to talk things through" 🙂

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We providing better nutrition through poultry for Health and Happiness Fishnet chicken products are available at our Chicken Stores and leading retailers and also delivered to quality and food-safety conscious institutions such as hotels, companies and restaurants, clubs , institution & different organisations & restaurant chains. For added customer convenience, Free Home Delivery service to households is also extended.

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The history of FishNet began in 1999 when it was founded. Since then,Fishnet has been engaging in various businesses based on its competitiveness stemming from its local and International networks, strong sourcing base, and excellent Quality Fishnet is always with its customers in their lives as a trustworthy partner that provides a variety of Healthy services. We at Fishnet will try our best to make the lives of our customers more comfortable and prosperous. Thankyou
Javed Iqbal

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